Wednesday, 1 September 2010

False Sense of Pride?

I have made it through the Discovery Program application review stage. (Al Hamdulellah)
One of the application's questions was to mention a difficult challenge i faced and how i dealt with it... and this was my answer ...

"When the word challenge is mentioned, the first thing that comes to my mind is getting my driving license! For me, what I have been through to issue my driving license was a challenge I am proud to have conquered.
Most of my family members and friends (if not all) issued their driving license either through “wasta” or bribery (which they prefer not calling so). I insisted on deserving my driving license, I refused to be part of the “wasta-bribery” problem that is very prevalent in Egypt.
I took driving lessons in which I barely learnt how to drive and of which I had to skip a lot of lectures in college to attend. Not to mention the greed of my driving tutor, this is another prevalent characteristic in the Egyptian society, and the traffic conditions in Egypt as a whole.
However; when it was time for the test, and after about three weeks of tension and stress, I managed to pass the driving test without having to be part of the problem.
Though it sad to say that issuing a “deserved” driving license is considered to be a challenge in Egypt; it made me realize that no matter how things might seem to be messed up, there’s always a right way for everything to be done and which is accomplishable."

After a second thought, it's not something I'm proud of anymore. In fact it's sad. It's sad that i'm bragging about it and it's sad that it is matter to  brag about.
Well ya Engi, you'll have to stop pretending it's an accomplishment! 
Feels like “nothing to look backward to with pride, and nothing to look forward to with hope.”
I don't know...


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  1. You should be proud. I know at the end the trouble doesn't seem worth it, but you did right. I can only imagine the trouble you went through to make people see sense though it's such a normal want.