Thursday, 4 June 2015

Random Conversations

“It’s called a hijab. Nope, no one forced me to wear it. It complements other aspects of modesty that should be present in a muslim. I don’t have anything against other people’s beliefs or sexual preferences whatsoever. I am not in a position to judge any other human-being for what they believe in or do, as long as it doesn’t inflict any kind of harm to anyone. If I happen to pass judgments, and it happens, it is only due to the nature of me being a human-being and nothing else. I’m a human-being, after all.”
“I have no explanation to what muslim terrorist groups are doing except that they are fucked up beings with a lust for power and blood, just like all tyrants throughout the course of history. The existence of such beings with impulsive cruelty and stupidity absolutely sickens me and I wholeheartedly condemn what they do. I wish I had a solution to stop their terror, but I don’t. If you do, please do let me know, I’d be glad to be a part of any endeavor that would stop this madness. As an ordinary muslim, I assure you there is absolutely no obliging commandment that forces me to battle people who have different beliefs or any living being that has not caused me any harm. Yes, I’m 100% certain they won’t brainwash me to join their jihadi groups. Please don’t insult my intelligence!!”
“I don’t know what a practicing muslim is to you, but I do pray 5 times a day and I fast the month of ramadan. Oh, and I don’t drink or eat pork or engage in non-marital intercourse. I don’t know how that places me in a position to be judged upon differently from any other human-being with self-entitled preferences.” 
“My beliefs include things that might seem stupid to you, but hey, that’s why they’re called beliefs not facts. You have all the freedom to believe or not. Again, I’m not God to judge you. I’m not going to start on with women rights in Islam. What I can tell you for sure, the problem is not with the religion, it’s with the mentality of middle-eastern men. It’s a pretty messed up region, I tell you.” 
“I’m not a scholar and I don’t have answers to all of your questions, I can refer you to someone if you’d like. And I definitely do not have the time to debate issues every time someone stops me while I’m running my errands or when i’m going for a brisk walk to relieve stress. I have a very ordinary life full of dreams and disappointments. You see, I have common ordinary preferences as any human-being walking down the street infront of you right now, and debating my existence is not one of them. Good day to you.”

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